Heatlab Thermal Management

Technologies and materials
for heat fluxes management


Engineering, consulting in the field of thermal management for electronics, instrumentation, and mechanical engineering


Development of production technologies for high-heat-conductive composite materials


Research and development in the field of materials and active devices for thermal management


Supply and sale services of the materials for thermal management systems. Comprehensive supply of LED lamps.


Engineering, design, modeling of thermal management systems

About us

The “HeatLab” company started its activity as the R & D Department of “Metal-Composite” Scientific Production Enterprise in 2012.
Since January 2016, the company has the status of an independent legal entity and the partnership relations with "Metal-Composite".

The goal of “HeatLab” is creating a multi-service in the field of technologies and materials for heat flow management (thermal management).

Current developments:

  • AlSiC - high-heat-conducting composite material based on matrix aluminum alloy and SIC powder filler.
  • AlGr – high-heat-conducting composite material based on matrix aluminum alloy and filler of high-modulus ground graphite fiber or ground natural graphite.
  • High-heat-conducting composites and laminates using high-heat-conducting materials based on heat-treated pyrolytic graphite.
  • AlB4C is a highly heat-conducting composite radiation protection material based on a matrix aluminum alloy and B4C powder filler.