“Heatlab” company became the winner of the regional competition -“Innovation voucher”


In December 2019, the Ulyanovsk region technological development Agency announced the competition for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to finance R & D expenditures - “Innovation voucher”. The competition was held in the Ulyanovsk region for the first time.

 “HeatLab” company applied with the project "Development and Assembly of a hot rolling unit for graphite sheet materials".

 According to the results of the competition, the company received the highest rating and was recognized as the winner.

 The company will be able to spend an innovative voucher in the amount of 200 thousand rubleson research, development of design documentation, production of samples, marketing and laboratory research, feasibility studies, preparation of a business plan, services for the protection and protection of intellectual property rights, transfer of technologies and intellectual property results, patent, consulting and educational services.