Applications of high-heat-conductive AlGr composites


In the middle of 2016, “Heatlab” company have received the first samples of aluminum-graphite high-heat-conductive composite material. High values of material’ thermal conductivity confirmed the great prospects of using the material in various heat-loaded devices. Over the next five months, we were conducting a technological works for studying the range of parameters: thermal conductivity, mechanical characteristics, and machining capabilities. At present, the following results have been obtained. The achieved thermal conductivity of this material is 700 W /(m*K), the compressive and bending strength is in the range of 25-30 MPa, and the CTE in the direction of maximum thermal conductivity is in the range of 5-7 ppm. This material has excellent mechanical properties: cutting, drilling, and milling are not difficult and can be performed using conventional quick-cuts or carbide tools. Grinding this composite to roughness within a few microns has certain features and technological difficulties, but we hope that they will be overcome soon. Currently, work is underway to develop the technology of electroplating.

The application areas of this high heat conducting material can be very extensive:

- substrates for power electronics devices, microwave active and passive devices, cold bases and cases for laser lines and matrices: - the example of the use of a similar material by the Austrian company “Hoffmann”. 

-  PCB for high-power LEDs: - the example of application of a similar material by “Applied Nanotech”.

- instrument cases, radiators, substrates for avionics, satellite communications equipment: - the example of application of a similar material by “Mer Corporation”.

We hope that Russian domestic companies will be interested in using aluminum-graphite composites for their development. And we are ready for any form of cooperation.