Hydrogen cartridge for fuel cell power systems


HeatLab is developing a hydrogen generator in form of the hydrogen cartridge with the controlled generation of hydrogen from magnesium hydride MgH2).

Photo. The source of hydrogen is magnesium hydride MgH2.

Photo.The process of hydrogen generating

The hydrogen cartridge is a safe and easy-to-use source of hydrogen for powering power systems based on hydrogen fuel cells (TE). The cartridge is characterized by a gravimetric capacity of more than 4 weight % H2, which is comparable to the hydrogen content in composite vessels with a working pressure of 300 bar. The advantages of using a hydrogen cartridge are explosion-proof and low operating pressure (excess hydrogen pressure of 0.5 bar), the ability to transport the hydrogen source without special safety measures, ease of maintenance and refueling, high purity of hydrogen, environmental safety, low energy cost.

The hydrogen cartridge is intended for use in power systems based on TE, for power supply of compact mobile devices, such as robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles and wearable energy sources. Power systems on TE with a hydrogen cartridge are characterized by a large energy reserve, with minimal mass and size characteristics of the energy source: the specific capacity of the power system is 400 W*h/kg, which is more than twice the specific capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

As part of the work, an effective technology for the synthesis of magnesium hydride, including mechanical activation and doping in a high-energy planetary mill, is being developed to reduce the temperature, pressure of hydrogen and the time of the hydrogenation process. A laboratory unit has been developed and manufactured for the hydrogenation process

Series of hydrogen cartridge model prototypes have been made and tested improve control methods for starting and the process of generating hydrogen from magnesium hydride. By the end of 2017, it is planned to develop a laboratory prototype of the hydrogen cartridge.

The project was supported by the innovation development Fund under the "Start" program.


Photo.Model prototypes of hydrogen cartridges.

Photo. The laboratory prototype of a hydrogen cartridge

Photo. The prototype of a mobile energy source.