Samples of composite material Aluminum-Graphite were obtained


The samples of Aluminum-Graphite composite material have the pronounced anisotropy properties with respect to thermal conductivity were obtained recently. So the plate of a composite material has a thermal conductivity in the plate plane of 560 W/(m*K) (for comparison: the thermal conductivity of silver, 430 W/(m*K), aluminum 200 - 220 W/(m*K), copper 380 W/(m*K)), and the thermal conductivity across the plate is 50 W/(m*K). The material density is only 2.35 g/cm3.

Where can these properties be useful? One answer for this question is that aluminum-graphite composites with anisotropic thermal conductivity can effectively solve the problem of maintaining high temperature uniformity on the surface of hot plates. High uniformity of the hot plate temperature and the ability to quickly change it with minimal inertia is important for solving many technological issues.

This is important when soldering thermosensitive electronic circuits, when holding and tanning photoresist on silicon plates of a large area, when pressing printed circuit boards and during the vulcanization processes of flat rubber products. Another important fact is that aluminum-graphite composite material has a coefficient of thermal expansion that perfectly matches such materials as, for example, aluminum oxide ceramics. This potentially allows the production of composite hot plates, the upper surface of which is ceramic. 

Such enterprises as “Research Institute of Semiconductor Engineering” (Voronezh), "Magister" (Saratov) have already expressed their interest in this material.