The “HeatLab” team developed the power source prototype based on a chemical hydrogen generator


The team developed a prototype power supply based on a chemical hydrogen generator, characterized by an energy capacity of 400 W*h/kg (power supply and six replaceable cartridges), which is 2 times higher than lithium-ion batteries. Electricity is generated by converting hydrogen into electricity using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen is supplied from a chemical source of hydrogen as a result of hydrolysis of magnesium hydride powder.

Characteristics of a portable power source:

  • output power of 50-100 W
  • the output voltage of 12/24 V
  • energy reserve in one energy cartridge 650 W*h
  • cartridge weight 500 g
  • power supply weight 7 kg
  • maximum size 50x40x20 cm

Portable power source with a set of 12 cartridges has the weight of a lot less than 13 kg opposite the energy equivalent lithium-ion battery mass of 40 kg (taking in to account capacity Li-Ion battery 200 W*h/kg, which is slightly higher than the most common serial Li-Ion batteries).

Аpplication fields:

  • portable power supplies for power supply in isolated conditions;

  • portable power sources for recharging the battery;

  • onboard power systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and robotics;

  • wearable and mobile energy sources;

  • power supplies for Autonomous technical devices (communications, beacons, radars.