AlGr is a high-heat-conductivity composite material based on aluminum alloy matrix and a filler of high-modulus ground graphite fiber or ground natural graphite. The method of producing the material is the impregnation of a powder preform with liquid metal. The material has a high thermal conductivity and low density and can be used for effective solve problems related to the heat sink.


Applications of high-heat-conductive AlGr composites 
Using AlGr material as a heat sink 
Samples of composite material Aluminum-Graphite were obtained

Name of parameter, unit of measurement Value
Specific density, g / cm3 from 2,35 to 2,45

CTE, α, 10-6 °С-1

from 6,0 to 8,0

Bending strength, σи, MPa

from 25 to 30

Thermal conductivity, W/m*K

from 200 to 700