The materials based on high thermal conductivity forms of carbon

Currently, third generation of materials for thermal management is rapidly developing, the key element of which is carbon-based materials, its high-heat-conductivity forms-diamond, pyrographite, thermal pyrographite.

We have obtained composite material samples in the form of plates, which is an AlSiC composite with an insert of pyrographite. If the pyrographite is oriented in layers across the plate, the thermal conductivity of the entire composite plate in this direction can reach a value of 350 W/m*K.

Samples of composite materials aluminum-high-modulus carbon fiber were obtained already. The thermal conductivity of this material reaches values of 200-250 W / m*K, CTE is in the range of 7-8 ppm in the temperature range from 24 to 150 ° C. Work is underway to produce passive heat conductors laminated with metal foil layers of thermal or oriented pyrographite.

A laboratory technology for producing thin laminated structures “metal foil-thermal pyrographite-metal foil” and a method for measuring thermal conductivity by temperature waves was developed.

The thermal conductivity in the plane of laminated structures is more than 1100 W/m*K. This work has shown the prospects of the direction for creating flexible, thin, high-performance heat pipes that provide heat removal with simultaneous isolation by vibration.